Sidi Vertigo 2 LEI Boots

Sidi Vertigo 2 LEI Boots
Sidi Vertigo 2 LEI Boots

Sidi Vertigo 2 LEI Boots

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Tecno-3 Iron

The Tecno-3 Iron mechanism closes the boot and adjusts the calf circumference with a resistant steel wire which, passing through the upper is fixed to the internal cable holder. TECNO 3 IRON, the upper and the cable holder are replaceable.

Ankle Support Braces & Air Ventilation System

The two nylon braces join the ankle joint with two screws that are hidden by a nylon cap. This system supports the ankle and is reinforced with fiberglass and is easy to replace. This system allows excellent flex movement front-to-back while being firm side to side. On the outer lower part of the boot an air intake is fitted which can be operated by an aerodynamic shaped button.

Zip Elastic Panel

Sidi has added a small elastic panel to aid in a smooth zipper operation as it allows a bit of movement via the elastic as the zipper passes over the rider’s ankle ball.

Shock Absorbing Heel Cup & Replaceable Slider

A polyurethane shell holds a shock absorbing insert, visible from the outside through small slits that mark out the look of the heel. The shell is mobile as it is fixed to the boot by two screws that allow 3 mm of impact movement. The slider is replaceable and available in full nylon, with ceramic or with aluminium inserts.

Top Sole

Rubber top sole

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