Sidi Rex Boots

Sidi Rex Boots
Sidi Rex Boots
Sidi Rex Boots
Sidi Rex Boots
Sidi Rex Boots

Sidi Rex Boots

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Replaceable Shin Plate

Shin plane are easily replaceable trough screw

Closure System

The innovative closure system allows for a simple and quick fit.The boot is equipped with 3 steel cable adjustable closures with TECNO-3 PUSH rotor. The PUSH button allows the buckle to be lifted for more closing pressure. The shin and ankle mechanisms allow a symmetric closure. The instep mechanism ensures a snug yet comfortable fit.

Ankle Support Brace

A single ankle support brace combines with the internal and external ankle joint for more support. In the outer lower part, the ankle support brace is equipped with air vents which can be operated by an aerodynamic shaped button. The ankle support brace is made with Nylon material with Glass Fiber.

Elastic Panels

The elastic panels placed on the front and back joints are internally padded and widen when the foot passes through for a comfortable and easy fit.


The replaceable slider is equipped with an innovative ventilation system.

Asymmetric Heel Cup

The asymmetric and shaped heel cup is equipped with a soft fixed insert on the internal side of the ankle for better adherence and contact with the bike.


  • The final part of the rear upper is made with soft material for more comfort in the calf area. 
  • Small slots on the central part of the joint allow for perspiration and air dissipation.
  • The upper ends with a sturdy pull tab for an easy fit.
  • Rubber top sole

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