LS2 Helmets Challenger C Fold Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

LS2 Helmets Challenger C Fold Motorcycle Full Face Helmet
LS2 Helmets Challenger C Fold Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

LS2 Helmets Challenger C Fold Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

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We are proud to introduce the Challenger C. Fit. Finish. Function. Performance. The Challenger C will face the competition head-to-head and feature-for-feature. Bold and unafraid. Our advanced design takes the lessons from the past and adds the technology of the future. Aerodynamic yet stable, the shell cuts through the air smoothly, keeping the rider energized and able to focus on the road ahead. The Challenger C's shell is made from a blend of carbon fiber, Kevlar® and fiberglass. The shell is designed with a slight amount of built-in flexibility to diminish and offset kinetic energy. LS2 artisans combine uniquely developed hand layups with advanced, computer-controlled technology to build the ultimate high-performance shell. The energy absorbing, black, carbon-infused, true multi-density EPS safety liner on Challenger C is the thickest in the industry. By adding the carbon, we reduced the amount of moisture the EPS will absorb for more consistent weight. The engineers at LS2 developed a proprietary technology that allows us blend different densities of EPS throughout the entire inner safety liner, allowing for true 360-degree multi-density protection. LS2 uses laser technology to cut all holes in the shell with such tight tolerances that there is no need for glue or dual sided adhesives. All vents and gaskets mount with a precision fit. The eye port gasket on the Challenger uses another LS2 proprietary technology, double injection. The thin soft outer layer is bonded in the injection process to the stronger inner material, allowing for a superior seal at the face shield. Dual, fully adjustable intake ports at the top are matched via our channeled EPS to closeable exhaust ports at the rear. When paired with our flow separator spoiler and side venturis, the rider will enjoy true, dynamic airflow. The adjustable chin vent is dual-ported to assist with keeping the shield free from fog, while also keeping the rider cool and comfortable. Utilizing only optically correct Class A polycarbonate, the Challenger is prepared for battle. The eye port is extra wide to allow the rider to see the competition at their side, whether another motorcycle or an automobile. It is also extra tall, so they can tuck-in tight while being able to see farther down track with less strain on their neck. The high performance, flat shield securely locks closed and is easily changed using our advanced quick release system. For the ultimate in fog fighting technology, the LS2 Challenger utilizes Pinlock Max, ensuring clear vision under the worst of conditions. The Challenger C is an ultra high-performance version of our standard Challenger and uses a secure Double D-ring on the strap for a secure fit. LONG OVAL FIT. Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 certification.

  • Shell is a full carbon shell
  • DOT approved quick-release chin strap is easy to open with a gloved hand
  • Twin Shield System drop down sunshield protects your eyes and is easy to operate with a gloved hand
  • 3 shell sizes make for the smallest, best fit
  • LONG OVAL FIT with carbon infused multi-density EPS for the utmost in protection

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