6D Helmets ATS-1R Voodoo Ranger Helmet

6D Helmets ATS-1R Voodoo Ranger Helmet
6D Helmets ATS-1R Voodoo Ranger Helmet

6D Helmets ATS-1R Voodoo Ranger Helmet

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  • 3K carbon fiber shell
  • Improved fit, larger shell opening
  • Improved impact management system, shield base plates and sealing
  • 10 position shield adjustment with lockdown lever
  • UV protection
  • Internal breath guard - directs fresh air up the inside of the shield, while exhausting breath down and out to reduce fogging
  • Clear PINLOCK® 120 anti-fog insert included
  • Anti-scratch shield (certified VESC-8)
  • Air intakes - sculpted adjustable intakes direct air into the chin, brow, and crown regions of the helmet and are easily operated with gloves on
  • Tool-less shield changing
  • Exhaust vents - optimally positioned top, side, and rear exhaust vents take advantage of the negative-pressure effects of air traveling over the helmet's surface to aid internal air circulation
  • 4 adjustable intake ports channel fresh air into the helmet where it is managed by a network of 15 transfer ports and 5 exhaust ports to keep the air moving
  • Internal brow vents - pulls air across the inside of the shields' surface to aid cooling and fogging dissipation
  • Removable neck cuff and chin curtain
  • Integrated speaker pockets
  • Aerodynamic wing - advanced CAD design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency reducing drag, buffeting, and lift at higher speeds
  • Eyewear compatible
  • Deluxe helmet bag included
  • 6D Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology is a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. Engineered to uncouple the helmet's exterior shell from the inner EPS liner, the system effectively mitigates energy transfer to the head and brain of the rider during any given accident or impact event.
  • 2 separate EPS liners separated by an array of elastomeric isolation dampers
  • Reduces linear and angular acceleration forces to the head and brain
  • Superior performance for low, medium, and high-velocity impacts
  • 3-dimensional displacement of the inner liner upon impact
  • ODS AIR-GAP Ventilation System

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