Cardo Comms: New Products

Cardo has released a new product line! From entry level to premium, they have a fantastic option for every budget and communication need. Although there are many differences between the units, there are also many similarities. All of their units are waterproof and dustproof. While previous units would have to be plugged into a computer to be updated through a Cardo specific application, now all units can be updated over-the-air from the Cardo Connect mobile app. Further updates include a switch to USB-C for charging purposes as well improved Bluetooth connectivity.

Spirit & Spirit HD


For riders in search of a basic communication system to talk to their passenger, the Spirit will be the answer. Useful as a basic connectivity option, the Spirit can connect to one other unit with a limited quarter (0.25) mile range, best for rider-to-passenger communication. It can connect to a cell phone and GPS simultaneously for both music playback, calls and navigation, and uses basic 32mm speakers for audio playback. With a 10 hour battery life, the Spirit’s battery will last long enough for most of your rides.

The Spirit HD shares much of the same functionality as the Cardo Spirit, with range and sound quality increases in addition to FM Radio functionality. The range increases to 0.4 miles, nearly twice the standard Spirit, and the speakers are the stock 40mm. The battery life is also increased over the standard Spirit, with 13 hours of use time.

Freecom 2x & 4x


The Freecom 2x is similar to the Spirit in terms of function, however, the user experience is improved in several noticeable ways. Although only 2 users can be connected at a time, range is increased to half (0.5) of a mile, allowing better rider-to-rider communication. A volume wheel replaces the buttons found on the Spirit units. While the speakers are still 40mm in size, they are manufactured by JBL for better sound quality than the Cardo stock option.

The Freecom 4x is the next step up. With a longer range of three-quarters (0.75) of a mile, the 4x is far more capable for riders who find themselves pushing the limits of the Spirit and Spirit HD. Larger groups are also supported: up to 4 riders can connect via Bluetooth. The speakers are the same upgraded JBL units from the 2x. Another added functionality is the natural voice operation, which allows the rider to give commands to the device without removing their hands from the controls.

Packtalk Edge

Packtalk Edge

Cardo’s highest end unit, the new Packtalk Edge, has some major advantages over the rest of the Cardo line. The newest feature is the Air Mount, which magnetically attaches to the base plate of the Cardo unit, allowing the unit to be easily attached and removed. Boasting the full mile range and connecting up to 15 individual riders over a 5-mile chain, it also comes with Cardo’s new Mesh 2.0 with better quality and reliability than the outgoing Dynamic Mesh Communication system found in the Packtalk Bold and Slim. All of the other features of the 4x carry over including Bluetooth connectivity and voice control. For users looking for the best no-compromises communication system, the Packtalk Edge would be the way to go.