Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Neotec II Respect Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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The Shoei Neotec II Respect helmet is a masterclass in motorcycle helmet design, offering a blend of top-tier safety features, comfort, and distinctive style. This modular helmet is tailored for riders who demand the best in functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for both touring and urban environments.

Key Features:

  1. Modular Flip-Up Design: The Neotec II Respect comes with a versatile flip-up chin bar, allowing riders to easily switch between a full-face and open-face configuration. This adaptability makes it perfect for various riding situations and personal preferences.
  2. Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) Shell: Crafted using Shoei's exclusive AIM technology, the helmet boasts a shell that is not only lightweight but also exceptionally durable. It provides outstanding impact resistance, ensuring top-level protection.
  3. Unique Respect Graphics: The helmet features the eye-catching Respect graphics, a design that combines modern aesthetics with a classic touch, appealing to riders who appreciate a distinctive and stylish look.
  4. Integrated Sun Shield: A built-in sun shield offers instant protection from sun glare, enhancing visibility and comfort during rides, without the need to change visors.
  5. Enhanced Ventilation System: The Neotec II Respect is equipped with a sophisticated ventilation system that includes multiple air intakes and exhaust outlets. This design ensures optimal airflow, keeping the rider cool and comfortable, especially on warmer days.
  6. Noise Reduction Technology: Special attention has been given to minimizing wind noise, enhancing the riding experience. The helmet's aerodynamic shape and shield sealing system contribute significantly to its quietness.
  7. Comfortable Interior: The helmet comes with a fully removable, washable, and replaceable interior liner made from soft, moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit over long periods.
  8. Micro Ratchet Chin Strap: The helmet includes a convenient micro ratchet chin strap, providing a quick and secure fit that can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort.
  9. SENA Communication System Compatibility: Designed for seamless integration with SENA's SRL and SRL2 communication systems, the Neotec II Respect facilitates effortless Bluetooth connectivity for communication and entertainment.
  10. Dual-Layer EPS Liner: Featuring a dual-layer EPS liner, the helmet offers enhanced impact absorption and ventilation, further solidifying its safety features.
  11. Aerodynamic Stability: The helmet's design minimizes drag and lift at high speeds, promoting stability and reducing rider fatigue.

The Shoei Neotec II Respect helmet is an exceptional choice for riders who seek a blend of safety, comfort, and style. Whether embarking on long-distance tours, commuting in the city, or enjoying weekend rides, this helmet offers the reliability and performance that experienced riders expect from Shoei.

  • Aerodynamic Shell Design
  • Flip-Up Face Cover and Face Shield
  • QSV-1 Sun Shield Visor System
  • Improved Ventilation System
  • Noise Reduction
  • 3D Interior Liner System
  • CNS-3 Shield and Base Plate System
  • Micro Ratchet Chin Strap Snap
  • Standards: DOT-218
  • Construction: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) materials
  • Weight: 4.09 lbs (Based on Size Medium)

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