Nolan N70-2 X Helmet

Nolan N70-2 X Helmet
Nolan N70-2 X Helmet
Nolan N70-2 X Helmet
Nolan N70-2 X Helmet

Nolan N70-2 X Helmet

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The N70-2 X is the first adventure-style offroad crossover helmet on the market. Nolan used their years of experience, innovation, and commitment to high quality to develop a helmet that can go play in the dirt. The N70-2 X has six possible configurations which you can personalize through the addition or removal of the protective chin bar, face shield and adjustable peak, all of which are included. With the chin bar and face shield installed, the rider experiences the same benefits of a full face helmet. With just the peak and chin bar installed, the helmet provides increased airflow while still providing the protection of a full face helmet and allows the use of your own goggles or glasses. With the chin bar, face shield and peak removed it becomes a true 3/4 open face helmet..

  • Larger, removable protective chin guard
  • Airbooster airflow system with chin guard air intake and rear air exhaust ventilation
  • Microlock2 double lever retention system
  • Lexan polycarbonate outer shell
  • Newly designed inner comfort padding, including removable neck-roll
  • Accepts B901R, B901L, B601R, N-Com communication systems
  • Meets or exceeds D.O.T. standards.

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