Firstgear Women's Gen4 Heated Jacket Liner

Firstgear Women&
Firstgear Women&

Firstgear Women's Gen4 Heated Jacket Liner

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FirstGear's Heated Jacket Liners warm you in seconds and are designed to feel as if they're not even there. High tech, moisture wicking fabric with stretch side and back panels, keeps the garment tight against your body for optimal heat transfer, while reducing bulk. Seven heat panels cover the chest, abdomen, arms, collar and entire back, delivering more heat than any other garment. Soft and flexible carbon panels, shaped for maximum heat transfer. All this efficiency means less insulation and power is required to deliver and retain the desired heat.

  • Durable, hand washable and extremely lightweight
  • Form-fitting stretch fabric offers compression for optimal heat transfer to your body and action back flex panels for unrestricted movement
  • Lightweight, non-coated shell minimizes bulk and maximizes breathability with a fleece inner collar for moisture-wicking properties
  • Integrated coaxial glove plugs stow in their own zipped pockets when not in use
  • Dual zone heating for use with either a Single or Dual Heat-trollerT.
  • Designed to be plugged into a DC power source or battery pack
  • 106-Watt output
  • 7.7-Amp draw at 13.8V
  • Windproof
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty.

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