Firstgear Men's Heated Socks

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Firstgear Men's Heated Socks

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Made from micro fleece and designed with the latest flat heat technology, the Heated Socks from FirstGear are built to keep the feet warmer, without adding bulk. Hook up the socks to a heat-troller, through heated pants or use with the extended Y cable to power them alone.

  • Comfortably thin form-fitting stretch fabric minimizes bulk when worn in another sock layer or boots and helps wick moisture
  • Excellent heel fit allows for a seamless feel in the toe
  • Coaxial plugs, engineered for the best connection possible, are designed to be compatible with other heated apparel
  • 9-Watts output per sock with .7-Amp draw @ 13.8 volts.
  • Equipped with heat elements to keep all toes warm
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty.

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